Guided by an exclusive know-how, the innovation and the excellence of Italian crafstmanship to make precious metals an inexhaustible source of raw materials.

The combination between the creative force, the speed of action, the ingenuity, the superlative techniques and the cutting-edge technology gives new life to pure metal.

Art and intuition

We dedicate a large part of our Research and Development to evolve techniques and processes to support the recycling and sustainability value.

Research and development are our milestones 

We give back value to what apparently seems to have lost it

All the precious metals, which are processed and produced by Caurum, comply with RJC & Chain of Custody (CoC) certifications.

These certificates offer customers and suppliers the guarantee of a safe supply chain, from origin to final treatment, respecting human rights, protecting the environment and fulfilling all correct management practices.

Giovanni Battista Castigli
Founder&CEO Mr. Giovanni Battista Castigli
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