Who we are


CAURUM is the combination of two Latin words, Caurus and Aurum. 
Caurus, the mistral, the most important Mediterranean wind, which symbolizes the breath of the intuitive thinking and Aurum which means gold, the precious and noblest metal.

The successful story of Caurum, an international chemical company founded in Arezzo, specialized in recovery, refining and in the transformation of precious metals, has been born from the unique and brave vision of Mr. Giovanni Battista Castigli.

The marriage between the skills of the wind, such as the creative power and the speed of execution, with Mr. Castigli passion and genius loci of working the precious metal, known by the Etruscans as a sparkling dawn, have been forged an original manufacturing system with an exclusive know-how.

An innovative, serious and tested methodology, steeped in technical correspondences, unprecedented and constantly evolving processes.

Search in Extraordinary

See Beyond, always ready to define new Goals

CAURUM was born from creativity, passion, excellence and exclusive know-how to be a leading international company in the chemical sector.

Father and son lead and project the company towards the future, full of challenge in the name of the Italian excellence and cutting-edge technology.

Its logo is a circle with a seven-pointed star , 7 is considered as the science symbol and 7 are the wonderful precious metals we recover.
The Star embed a luminous hexagon inside, symbol of the conjunction between sky and earth and the material transformation.

It reveals the values ​​of the company such as the harmony and perfection of the forms, the inspiration, the creative power and the energy of passion that flows from Caurum itself.

The company deals with the effective recovery and transformation in products of Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium, Rhodium, Ruthenium and Iridium, making the waste a renewable and inexhaustible source through eco-innovative models, in the perspective of an incessant research, development and commitment in terms of environmental sustainability.


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